Are Men Being Rushed Into Prostate Cancer Treatments?

Every year, thousands of men are diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. Most go for either radiation treatment or surgery. However, there’s been some speculation that more than half of those men who have been treated for prostate problems might have done better if the cancer has been monitored rather than treated. Are prostate cancer patients being over-treated? Men don’t… More →

Hemorrhoid Symptoms-How to Detect the Symptoms of Hemorrhoids Early

Hemorrhoids usually present initially with bright red bleeding through the anus, the blood might stain the toilet paper used in wiping after defecation or it might form streaks of blood on the stools passed during defecation. Other symptoms that show up later include itching, passage of mucus and the development of painful swelling around the anus area. Some other individuals… More →

Best Hemorrhoids Treatment – Medical As Well As Natural Treatments

Not all the best hemorrhoids treatment need to be of a surgical nature in some instances where the hemorrhoids are not very severe one can just increase their fibre intake which in turn will soften the stools and sometimes eliminates the problem of hemorrhoids. For the swelling and itching one can use creams that contain hydrocortisone which have to be… More →

Breast Cancer Can Create Fear, Breast Reconstruction Can Give You Hope

Breasts are more than just a part of our bodies. They are intimately linked to our sense of femininity and how we view ourselves as women. For centuries, breasts have represented different things to us, women, at different stages in our lives. For example, a rite of passage into womanhood, a symbol of our femininity, a demonstration of our ability… More →

Green Tea Might Improve Bone Health

According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry finds that ingredients in green tea could improve bone health by promoting growth of new bones, and slowing bone destruction. Researcher Ping Chung Leung and colleagues notes that many scientific studies have linked tea to beneficial effects in preventing cancer, heart disease, and other conditions. Recent studies… More →

How To Choose The Best Alternative Cancer Treatment

The three “proven” methods of treating cancer–chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery–are standard protocol to treat cancer. Unfortunately, this conventional cancer treatment offers little chance for “real” recovery. Major conventional cancer treatments are often have serious side effects that leave patients in agony. Some chemo agents are really toxic and suppress body’s immune system. To alleviate these side effects, more and more… More →

Ill Effects of Smoking

Smoking is looked at by a lot of people as a silent killer. Your failure to deal with smoking could become a lethal vice – chain smoking. Thousands of smokers across the world are troubled with the harmful effects of smoking and this has been proved by statisticians. There are harmful chemicals in the cigarettes harm not only the lungs… More →

Cervical Cancer Prevention

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that affects woman. The most common victims of cervical cancer are older woman (i.e. 40+). Cervical cancer is generally caused by HPV (human papilloma virus) which gets transmitted through sexual contact and over a period of time (which can last for years) leads to cancerous cervix cells. Yet cervical smears have scarcely been… More →