Hemorrhoid Symptoms-How to Detect the Symptoms of Hemorrhoids Early

Hemorrhoids usually present initially with bright red bleeding through the anus, the blood might stain the toilet paper used in wiping after defecation or it might form streaks of blood on the stools passed during defecation. Other symptoms that show up later include itching, passage of mucus and the development of painful swelling around the anus area. Some other individuals do not show up with any symptom. {To learn more about the symptoms of hemorrhoids get a free copy of hemorrhoids mini course in the links in the last paragraph below}

In addition excessive straining, rubbing with hard dry toilet paper, or aggressive cleaning around the anus may aggravate the symptoms and lead to formation of a protruding hemorrhoid outside the body which can become irritated and painful very quickly. (Click the links in the last paragraph to learn how to get rid of hemorrhoid pain quickly)

Although initially I thought that hemorrhoids were mainly a disease of women I later found out that hemorrhoids are common in both women and men. About half of the population will be afflicted at one or the other with this disease by the time they are 50 years of age. Even though most sufferers are too embarrassed to talk openly about their condition they all wish to find a means of getting quick permanent cure. Unfortunately, most people just suffer in silence and hope that the symptoms go away.{To learn more about how to cure Hemorrhoids at home click the links in the last paragraph below}

How are hemorrhoids diagnosed?

Because the symptoms of hemorrhoids especially rectal bleeding can also be caused by other more sinister diseases like cancer it is important to have your hemorrhoid properly diagnosed.

The doctor will first of all perform a digital examination of your anus to check for any swelling, then the doctor will make use of an instrument called the protoscope which is passed into the anal canal to visualize the inside of the anal canal properly.

Can you believe, it took me 2 years to go to the doctor to get diagnosed, I am ashamed to admit it, but I just kept hoping that the pain, itching and swelling would just one day just disappear. Talk about being in denial!! Well I got scared and did finally go to the doctor for a through evaluation and proper diagnosis. The doctor performed a digital rectal exam to look for swollen blood vessels that would indicate I had hemorrhoids. The doctor also passed a protoscope into my anus to visualize the hemorrhoid swelling better.

Not my most comfortable exam, but it is important to have a doctor’s exam anytime there is bleeding from the rectum, or there is blood in your stools. I should have not waited so long to go to the doctor. I am lucky it was just hemorrhoids.

How can you prevent hemorrhoids?

The number one way to prevent hemorrhoids is to avoid constipation. You must keep your stools soft so they pass easily, so there is no pressure or straining. This means you have to take in a lot more water and fluids, it is recommended that you take in at least 8 bottles of water daily. Also empty your bowels as soon as possible after the urge occurs. Also EXERCISE! Do not just live a sedentary lifestyle, become more active, start walking and running every day. Increase fiber in your diet to help reduce constipation. Shop around for a healthier diet and eat less junk food. {Click the links in the last paragraph to learn more about the right hemorrhoid diet and the best exercises that are needed for proper hemorrhoid cure}

Just remember that early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to overcome hemorrhoids, so if you are having symptoms that suggest hemorrhoids go to your doctor for proper evaluation and start treatment right away.

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