Breast Cancer Can Create Fear, Breast Reconstruction Can Give You Hope

Breasts are more than just a part of our bodies. They are intimately linked to our sense of femininity and how we view ourselves as women. For centuries, breasts have represented different things to us, women, at different stages in our lives.

For example, a rite of passage into womanhood, a symbol of our femininity, a demonstration of our ability to nourish another life. As women, our breasts are very much a part of who we are and we often look for ways to accentuate them. For more than 150 years, women worldwide have devised ways to reshape their breasts.

Using everything from lotions, suction devices, “falsies” made of spring, cloth and rubber, and corsets, the precursor to the modern bra.

As a plastic surgeon, they specialize in working with women who are interested in adding volume and shape to their breasts through breast augmentation as well as women who seek to restore their breasts through reconstructive surgery following mastectomies for breast cancer.

For more than 20 years, many doctors have seen firsthand the emotional connection women have with their breasts. Women seeking breast aesthetic surgery or reconstructive surgery after mastectomy share one collective motivation for surgery to renew their sense of femininity.

This connection between our breasts and femininity became much more personal whenever a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Suddenly a woman’s life, your breasts and my sense of being a woman were all in jeopardy.

Women can find themselves faced with the same decisions on which others have faced. Like many women who visit with a doctor are fearful of the idea of living without breasts. A woman’s breasts are closely tied to their identity as a woman and would not feel whole without them.

Many women can share how they are survivors of breast cancer. Getting the right treatment, and catching thing early you can make a happy life for yourself. Many share how the experience was not easy, but it is now a part of their life story, and who they are today as a woman, as a wife, or a mother.

After breast cancer diagnosis, many women make the very difficult decision to undergo a double mastectomy and have both of my breasts removed. However with reconstructive breast surgery, you can gain your womanhood back.

Every woman should be an active participant in her own breast health. All women, from their teenage years and beyond, need to understand the importance of routine breast examinations and early detection of any abnormal breast changes.

Although the cause of breast cancer is not yet known, we do know that every woman is at risk and early detection is the key to breast cancer survival. Breast cancer has received much publicity in recent years, which has helped women become more aware of the importance of starting a life-long routine for breast health care.

Understanding what constitutes breast health, care, and suspicious breast changes begins with an understanding of the healthy breast.

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