Manage the Risk of Breast Cancer by Adopting Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Most Primary Care Physicians recommend a breast exam and screening mammogram for their prevention strategies of breast cancer. Although these are options for screening, cancer is a chronic disease where many body systems are out of balance, there is a lot more that can be done to promote good health. I encourage women to become proactive and adopt healthy lifestyle… More →

Lung Cancer Treatment Options

If you are experiencing lung cancer symptoms or if you have recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, it is important for you to understand your treatment options. The type and stage of lung cancer that you have will help determine treatment methods that you should receive. Your overall health will also be a factor in determining the type of treatment… More →

Weight Loss And Your Health

We decide to lose weight for many reasons. Whether it be wanting to look better in our swim suit at the beach next summer or getting fit for some grand adventure, the reasons are numerous. However, the best reason by far is to benefit to our health. Health experts associate excess poundage with numerous adverse health conditions. Coronary artery disease,… More →