About Dr. Manoj Shah

Shah’s Mission

Its is my highest mission is to spread the healing art of homeopathy
through Jai Vimal Health Clinic. Today every other person is suffering
from certain disease, where Mind, Body, and Soul is in the state
of disturbed equilibrium. World is under the stress and every person
has busy time schedule, so people suffer from Psychological and
physical disorders. I believe that people in the world exert themselves
in the search for safer Alternative for good health without any
side effects. I believe ” Necessity is the mother of invention”
world needs the peaceful mind and healthy life, where peoples endless
search has ultimate choice is Jai Vimal Health Clinic. I always
think, the only way to make “Disease Free World” is to open several
such branches of Homeopathic Clinic in many more Countries, so that
I can treat number of people by removing the illness from its root
cause by naturally prepared homeopathic medicines.”

Manoj Shah

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